Strategic training management

How long should the training take. Click Here to Subscribe. This resource investment includes staffing and other resources to develop, organize, and implement chosen measures. Break away from conventional thinking, find your next big business idea.

You need a wide, interconnected view of your company and the business environment in which it operates.

What is Strategic Training?

Are you wasting money through ineffective training. Clearer insight into the big picture reality of your business is the first step - but you also need to effectively analyse your particular business challenge. But to actually generate results, you also need to be Strategic training management to successfully implement your business strategy.

What is Strategic Training?

How Capable is Your Project System. In the case of the project system this includes training in a methodology, training in project leadership, training in project sponsorship and training in portfolio management.


Metrics can monitor and quantify performance in learning, application, and quality. Desired results must be articulated and benefit the future state of the organization.

For example, if software has just been updated, it may be obvious that staff need training to use it. Do we have the facilities and equipment to train internally. Training itself, of course, varies in delivery methods from e-learning segments taken online, to live classroom training, to off-site programs, learning on-the-job, cohort-based webinars, and other formats.

For Trainers

Download the NEW program brochure now. Fundamentally, a strategy involves a plan to get from a starting point to a particular goal or set of goals. The process helps logistically see the critical success categories, and actions are customized based on the specific needs.

For example, by ensuring training is standardized for project managers, project timeframes and deadlines may be more accurate and achievable.

Choosing the timeliness of trainings is also key to answering the question of whether the learning can be fully applied on the job. Should training to be delivered on an individual or group basis?. In essence, the strategic training and development process is similar to the strategic planning process in general.

Identification of needs, evaluation alternatives and initiatives, creation of actions and key performance indicators, assigning to the right audience, implementing, monitoring, and re-evaluation.

Training is strategic when it’s part of the strategic plan, when the capability to be developed is required for the organization to move forward.

Training is not strategic when people just sign up ad hoc for training classes.

The Strategic Training and Development Process

At the macro-organizational level, the strategic objectives that have been formulated by management are integrated into the training process. Strategic planning occurs at four levels (corporate, business, functional, and operating) and the training function must be linked to all four levels as well, because the output value that an organization generates will increase when the skills and.

Strategic planning is an organizational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization's direction in response to a.

Build advanced leadership and management skills with affordable, video based training. We specialize in supporting aspiring leaders that want to create positive. In the case of the project system this includes training in a methodology, training in project leadership, training in project sponsorship and training in portfolio management.

If your strategy requires new organizational capability, that is when training becomes strategic.

Strategic training management
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